Friday, October 12, 2012

last show

I applied for my last show of the season in August.  The decisions of who got in were supposed to be in Sept..  I haven't heard anything so emailed yesterday to ask about it.  No answer so far so I am taking this as a no.  Since I was diagnosed with colitis, I just don't feel great most of the time so this may be a blessing.  If so, I can set up a schedule to make things each month and really build up my Etsy shop.  My viewings have been low so filling up the shop should help.  I have so many ideas.  One that I saw today is to use some of my beloved buttons and place them in the middle of a multi- sized felt flower.  Looks easy and fun to do.  Maybe a few lower pieces will help out with Christmas gifts?  Anyone else having trouble with sales this year?

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