Friday, October 5, 2012


The show I did last weekend in Helen, Ga was the start of Octoberfest which is always a favorite festival for Helen.  The show did not turn out to be as I had hoped.  We were told 10,000 people would walk thru the show and I estimate about 2,000 did.  Everyone was looking for a bargain.  It was almost like a flea market in some areas.  I had a good time and got some great compliments on my work but I only sold one piece.  Considering the $150 fee to be in the show, staying over 2 nights and eatting out, my pocket took a huge hit.

This is 2 shows in a row that have been bad for me.  I think next year I may not do shows and just build up my inventory and my Etsy shop. I don't like that idea but I can't keep throwing money away.  Many people at the show said they sold nothing.  Maybe it is the economy or the uncertainty of the elections coming up.

On a brighter note, I have Monday off.  Don't know if I will play or sleep!

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