Monday, June 29, 2009

a whirlwind

I feel like I am living in a whirlwind these days. Things at work are incredibly busy because of H1N1 virus. I have worked late everyday last week and 1/2 a day Sat. Still plenty of stuff waiting for me this morning.

Sunday I was part of a show in down town Decature, Ga. I was in the Seen Gallery and was really excited about the show. It was a very hot day and I guess people did not feel like being out and strolling so the attendence was low. Not good for sales but great for meeting people and discussing felting plus one of the local shops took my card and told the Gallery owner that she loved my felting. Hope that leads to something. Also had plenty of time to meet the other artists, they were all mostly intown, I was the only one from the boonies. Was told about another possible venue that I need to check into and was asked back to the Gallery for the July show. Even if people don't buy, I definitely caught their eyes with all my colors.

Anyway, I need to get really busy to make more things for the next show. It really isn't the time of year to be selling felt but if I get my face out there, it should help with the fall and winter shows.

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