Monday, October 5, 2009

Back from the Show

Well the show is over. There was good and bad from it, more good really. It was a very small crowd and my items were higher priced than most so we did not sell well. I bartered quite a bit with other vendors and now have a new stained glass window hanging of a raven that I love and Christmas presents for most in the office. I am glad that we had a dress rehearal of putting up the tent and the grids at home. It was pretty awful here at home but not too bad at the show. If Phil had not been with me, I found out quickly that I could not do my setup by myself although lots of vendors helped us and we helped them.
It was truly a neighbor hood festival. We were right across from headquarters and the bathrooms. Right down from the vendors (bad thing) and down enough from the music to enjoy it but not be blown away by the speakers. Some vendors had to wear earplugs and shout in their booth to be heard. The economy is definitely keeping sales down.
I made some new friends, will be joining a new website by invitation and I danced alot in the street, by myself to my husband's surprise. I felt right at home in this festival.
The bad news is we only made enough money to get our booth entry fee back plus $11 which we promptly ate. We did not even earn our gas money back but I think I would do this festival again. We had lots of critiques on our booth from both customers and vendors. We changed the way we displayed items a lot on Sunday and it helped our traffic and sales. Good learning experience.

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