Monday, October 26, 2009

Libby's Excellent Adventures at SAFF

We left early Sat. morning for SAFF. Headed up I-85 until we saw a sign that said accident 30 miles again. Traffic had visibly backed up even as we saw the sign so we stopped at the next reststop to figure out what to do. There were several others looking at maps and we decided to head off into the country. It was the perfect thing to do. We went thru little towns with specatular views of the mountains and the leaf color seemed at it's peak.
We finally got into Fletcher and decided to check into our room at Day's Inn. Never, ever will I stay at a Day's Inn again. They did not have me in their computer, then said that had called and canceled my reservation, then said my promised price of $79 a night was now $109 a night and the town was full so we had no other choice. So they entered me into the computer and said my room was now $89 a night. Who knows what will come up on my credit card.
So now we are off to the Fair. Entrance price had doubled but was still cheap. The show floor had more vendors than ever. I went straight to my basket man from Sapelo, an island off of Georgia coast that I lived on while doing my master's research. He was glad to see me and said he had sold most of his baskets on Friday and was wondering when I would show up! I bought a beatiful pumpkin, brown and cream basket and he discounted it since I was such a good repeat customer. That was my first purchase. I next went in to see all the fleece that had won prizes and was graded and now for sale. I had never bought any because of the price but I found a beautiful light brown, airy, fluffy, perfectly cleaned fleece for $45. Had my name written all over it so I know own this year's shearing of Sophie, a 3 year old alpaca. The owner came over to talk to me and thank me so we had a very nice chat and he was telling me what a bargain I got, hah, as I sat there with the fibers held close to my chest like someone might try to steal them.
I will write more later as this was only the barn, I hadn't even made it inside the mail building yet.


Teresa said...

Wow! You did get a bargain! You will love alpaca. Sophie sounds like a beauty! Enjoy your treasure!

FiberArtisttoo said...