Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend in the N. Ga mountains

What a wonderful weekend. It rained gently most of the weekend but the leaves were turning and it made the colors more intense. Sitting on the front porch listening to the gentle rain and watching the leaves fall was so restful. The cabin we stayed in was beautiful and the owner's only charged us one night because of the weather and the fact we got in so late on Friday. What a generous thing to do for us. We will definitely stay with them again.
A local gallery had contacted me in August about demoing with other fiber artists on Sat. I met so many wonderful women. One of them said she collects my work, has 4 pieces, what a great surprise. Mostly there were quilters but there was one woman who make very cool fiber,wire birds and of course I had to have one. There was also a Christmas glass heart that I needed. I sold one of my biggest shawls so I still earned more than I spent, a good thing. I also got orders from the gallery for many more pieces of my work.
Now I really need to bust butt for the show in Dec. My inventory took a serious hit and I better get to work for that show.
One question, I felted lots of soap very easily in the mountains. Here at home, my soap felting is not going as well. Anyone know if hard water or soft water makes a big difference in felting? Wonder what will happen if I use bottled water?

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