Friday, October 16, 2009

Quiet week

Thank goodness it has been a quiet week at work. This cold lingers on, 2 weeks today. Maybe I have allergies too, we certainly have lots of grasses blooming right now. I am currently working on felted necklaces. I made the focal piece for one yesterday and went to Hobby Lobby to buy all the findings so I could put it together last night. I brought the felt in with me so I could match some beads with it etc and I paid for everything then realized I didn't have the piece of felt. I re-traced my steps thru that entire store and of course I had been all over the store. I went to the register to see if it had dropped there. No felt. The girl at the register and her customers were trying to help me find it (nice people) but since none of them knew what felting was, they didn't know what they were looking for So now I have the perfect findings for a piece of finished felt that I can remake because I used all that wool making the piece I lost. Somedays it is one step forward, 2 steps back, sigh. Still it was a good day.

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