Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Halloween already?

I was just posted info about a cool Halloween giveaway that some of you may be interested in checking out. It is a great blog and website so go visit and spend some time if you can.

from Pearl Avenue

Just an update, to let you know I've been very busy sculpting.
There is a giveaway at,
I donated a vintage Halloween Jack-O-Lantern, Lumiere,
sculpted from paper mache. So if you want a chance to win my
one of a kind, Halloween piece, head on over for a chance to win.
While you're there, check out the Queens Castle Bootique, where I have some quirky witches for sale.

Also, I am working on more Vintage French Moons, and will list some in my Etsy shop very soon.

If you have any ideas on what type of pieces interest you, please let me know. Inspiration comes from everywhere, even you.
Thanks for your interest in my work, I greatly appreciate it.

I look forward to hearing from you,
my thanks,


Lisa said...

Many many thanks...

The best, Lisa

FiberArtisttoo said...

Any time, I love your dolls