Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Learned my lesson well....

I can be soooo stubborn. I was in a show last weekend that Phil could not attend and help me set up. I was just sure I could do this alone, plus ever other show I have been in, well everyone helped each other to set up and tear down. I guess not every show is like that, I have just been lucky before. So I got beat up on Sat. setting up and beat up on Sunday tearing down. I took off yesterday and today to let my body repair itself. I was tucked into a corner of the show which I had thought would be a good spot but when someone asked me just what was Fiber Art, well I knew I was in the wrong place and time.
Now I need to check out opportunities much closer before I agree to do a show. I am supposed to be in 2 shows in May that are very close to my house so Phil can help me set up and tear down. Both shows will be a little more like country shows so I am still not sure if I will fit in there but at the very least it will be more convenient.
This was a hard lesson to learn but a good one, I just hope I can remember it. I did pretty well in the show, held my own but no one did really well. There is so much more I could say but I want this to be totally anonymous both for the show and the other vendors. Just keep our fingers crossed that the next shows are more comfortable and fun.


Kelly said...

That's too bad about the show. I wish I could find people local to me that are interested in fiber arts other than knitting and crochet. The only place I have ever seen a presence of felting was at out state fair in an area that focused on hand crafts. Hopefully the next shows closer to you are more successful! Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations on the web!

FiberArtisttoo said...

I find the best shows for me are when I can get out and demo so people see just how much work went into a scarf and that is why it costs so much. I haven't tried our state fair but maybe my county fair might be interested. Thanks for the idea!