Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Product Review

Being a fiber nut, I seem to collect as much ribbon as I do cloth and wool. My spools of ribbon have been packed in a box for years and I always knew there had to be a better way to organize them. I saw a Martha Stewart show where a designer put up big dowels that covered a wall and that looked like a nice way but I don't have that much wall space. Then I found Creative Visions on Etsy. I ordered 2 of these 3 dowel storage units and now that little corner of my studio looks neat and clean (for the moment) and I can see all my ribbons at one time. The owner and creator, Jim, is very proud of his work as he should be. All the edges are sanded perfectly, not a snag anywhere to mess up your ribbons. He is also very nice and communitive.
Maybe these will help some of you to organize too. Spring cleaning? Sure.......

1 comment:

Teresa said...

Great idea! Thankfully, ribbon is not one of my obessions! But what a neat and pretty way to keep it all organized.