Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nuno warning

I can not believe that I hurt in so many places. Oh, my goodness, nuno rolling takes at least 2x the time to get a piece well felted as regular wet felting. I love the end product so I guess I am going to be building some muscles this summer. Wouldn't it be nice to lost some weight too!
Sunday I made 2 smaller pieces. I have already sewn one onto the front of a t-shirt. Talk about one of a kind. I am still trying to find enough sunshine to take good pictures when I get home.
Now I want to make a really nice, large piece of art work. I talked with a realtor in John's Creek about being in a show there and she couldn't help me there but she always buys a piece of artwork to give to new home owners who buy from her. Maybe that is a market I should check out. You know all those huge pieces of framed art in Dr. and lawyer's offices? Well they can just start buying from me, good idea?

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