Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Friday at Saff

Woke up late on Friday so sat on the porch and had my oatmeal and tea. You could hear some distant traffic but other than that it was only the leaves falling. Closed up the cabin and headed up to Fletcher. The parking lot was full much to my dismay. I finally parked way in the back, behind all the animal stalls. The arena was a sea of people. I almost turned around, I am not much of a people person and definitely don't handle crowds well. I first went to turn in my 2 entries. Walked, dodged, waited and pushed my way thru the top mezzanine. Delivered the 2 items and tried to find some stairs to get down to the main floor which looked less crowded. Almost passed by one vendor who had the lovliest mix of merino and 3 types of silk, all dyed with one dye but each fiber took the dye differently. They had yummy colors so as I was contemplating, the co-owner whispered in my ear that it was buy 5 get one free. Get behind me Satan so I only bought 3. They gave me a pass so that if I decided to come back the next day, I could still buy 2 and get a free one. Nice ladies, we talked a long time and I must have dragged many people to their booth during the show.
Downstairs finally and I found several familiar vendors so of course went and bought more supplies from them. Eventually I am going to own their entire booth. I finally bought some solar pool wrap since I plan to start working in a much bigger format. I had to go take this out to the car since I hit someone everytime I turned around. I wandered around to see the llamas and alpacas. They are all so beautiful and their owners were willing to talk till I was ready to fall over. Tried to leave but I got caught again by the llama rescue group. They catch me each year, they can tell just by watching me with the animals that I really want my own little fiber herd. I actually have 2 acres I need to fence in so we talked for a long time. Finally I just went back to the cabin.
Enjoyed some homemade sunflower seed bread for lunch. I tried to knit but kept falling asleep. I really must have needed a break.
2 friends showed up to spend the night. We went into Hendersonville to look for GoodWills and dinner. Found a Salvation army store and a GoodWill but no good buys to be had that day. Drove by a Thai place and decided, with much pleaing from me, to eat there. The food was so good. I had fresh bamboo shoots with red chicken curry, so yummy.
Went back to the cabin where I needed to felt something for my class next day. I used some of my beautiful new roving with all the silks in it. Ahhh, it felted like a dream, beautiful and quickly. We all settled down for the evening and I slept like a log.

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Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Sounds like you had a great day! I love the sitting out on the porch and eating part especially! :o)