Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Friday at SAFF

I woke up thinking I had plenty of time to get to class but turns out I didn't. I flew to the classroom and was late but she hadn't started class so it was ok. I brought my piece of felt that I made the night before. We did lots of beading and embroidery to the outside of the felt. I loved doing this and will be adding this to more of my wall hangings. This class was how to make a traditional longstitch bound book, covered in felt. Lots of measuring, not my strongest area. I managed to get the piece of felt cut out ok, not great though. They had forgotten to send out supply lists so I wouldn't even have known I needed the felt piece accept I stopped by to talk with Chad Hagen on Friday. At class I didn't even have a pair of scissors so I had to wait alot and borrow the whole day. It was frustrating though every one was very nice about sharing. Chad had cut all the paper for us so we only had to fold and count. Then came time to punch holes using a template. More measuring. I tried hard but when I stitched thru the holes it was obvious that they were not lined up correctly. My little book turned out to look a bit sad but I did learn lots of new techniques and I will try this again.
My friends stopped by to say they weren't staying Sat. night which was fine with me, more alone time. I was so tired when I got back to the cabin. I rocked on the front porch and enjoyed the twilight coming. It was a full moon but you couldn't see it in the sky, so many trees still had leaves on them.
I came inside and crashed on the sofa. I missed my dogs so much. I woke up about midnight to hear something scratching at the front door wanting in. I couldn't get the nerve up to even look out the window to see what it was, gave me the willey's for sure. Slept well the rest of the night though, a little too well as I will tell you in the next post.


Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Oh, Libby! I would have HAD to see what was outside the door! I guess I'm just too curious!

FiberArtisttoo said...

I was curious too. The cabin owners have dogs and it could have been one of them but I had visions of racoons invading the house.