Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last day of SAFF

I had a nuno class set up for early Sunday morning but overslept and just enjoyed myself at the cabin. Too soon I had to pack up and leave so I headed back to SAFF one more time. I just had to get more roving from the buy 5 get one free ladies. I have never had merino and that much silk felt so tightly and so quickly.
I went by a booth to talk with a nice vendor who I had bought from 2 years ago. I had made a wall hanging out of her product and had entered it in the fair. I also entered a scarf that had wool from a local farm that I had dyed and felted. Well to my surprise, I won a second place for the wall hanging and a third for the dyed piece. This really made my day. I also won prizes that the vendors had given and both my prizes where Angora and I got a lot of it. Beautiful colors and sooooo soft. Can't wait to use it.
Well with my winning in my head, I talked myself into treating myself to a new carder. My old one had been home made and all the pins were bent so it took forever to card anything. This new carder is so fast and will card almost anything you put thru it. So very happy with it. Now I will be able to put much more roving on to my Etsy shop!
I decided to head home after that major expense so off I went. Drove thru valleys and mountain peaks, the leaves were incredible. This week they have had major wind and rain come thru so my visit was the perfect timing.
Got home to see my dogs that were going crazy, my step-son and DH so involved in a football game that they grunted a hello. Wonderful to be home again, now if I can just get rid of this 6:30 to 3:00 job so I can create more. S00n I hope, soon.


Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Libby, congratulations on your awards! That is great! And I know the feeling about walking into the house after being gone to mainly grunts! Wayne was off today, but I had the chance to work at the candle shop and took it. When I got home, Wayne said hi and went back to the recliner and sports channels!

Glad you had a good time on your get away! Becky

Melissa Jackson said...

Following you from blog hop! (melissa jackson)

would love a follow back!

thank you!!