Saturday, October 2, 2010

new meds

Well, it has finally happened. I had to pull out of a show at the last minute because of my depression. I had know something was off for over 2 months but it too that long to get an appointment with my Dr. Took some tests and some of my meds had stopped working. He upped the dosage this week but so far no results. I hate to mess with my meds, it always takes over a month to see what will work for me. That being said, I had to pull out of one of my favorite shows and I doubt they ask me back. Can't blame them though. I wouldn't want the mess I am in trying to meet the public and sell my work.
On a good note, I have been much more prolific on writing down ideas. I haven't tried to execute any of them yet, but they will great items if they work. Mean time I am mindlessly carding wool and silk, making beautiful blends of roving. I hope next year to have all felting and supplies on my site and maybe another site for my dolls so they will both get seperate attention that they deserve. What do you think? Would it be worth it?


Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Hi Libby! It was so good to see you today! And I have been thinking about you all evening - you are in my prayers, friend!

Thank you once again for the shadow box. I love it! Becky

PS - would you have one blog for the dolls and one for the fiber stuff? The blogs don't cost anything, so I say go for it! {But then what do I know?}

Meg in Nelson said...

Being mildly-to-moderately afflicted by the same, I share your pain, and salute you for continuing to work in other capacities. I guess you would have heard it before, but let this experience/period be fuel for your future endeavors.

Ketutar said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. I myself fight with some of the same problems (FM).
Two separate blogs sounds good. It's also good that you can work on your things when you feel better, and then sell on-line. :-)

Goddess speed to you :-)
May you feel better

krex said...

Hi, stranger (in a strange land) here . Not meaning to butt in but I have had problems with depression for quit a few years and was wondering if you have gone to a good endocrinologist to have you thyroid checked .I think low thyroid is one of the most under Dxed causes of female depression and I know that when my levels go down even a little, it effects my ability to concentrate, socialize, energy and depression .It makes it harder that some DR's say that some levels are in "normal range" that may not be "normal" for you .

Hope that helps and I look forward to checking out a new (to me),felting blog today .

FiberArtisttoo said...

thanks for all the encouragement and understanding. I really appreciate it all. Far too often I am unsure of my choices and feel that I usually make bad ones, this one feels right.
Hope all of you who are having depression problems, figure out how to work out of them, Art is a wonderful thing that helps keep me sane.