Monday, June 8, 2009

A really fun Friday

I took off work on Friday (which already makes it a good day anyway). We got up a 6 and gathered Jonathan and Phil's mom and headed to south Georgia, well south of us anyway. We went to a wild animal park. You ride in this very old, bumpy school bus with no windows and the animals all come up to the windows to be fed. I have never seen so many animals out in the wild and not in a zoo. There were at least 10 types of deer, goats, llahmas, emus, ostriches, wild boars with piglets and cows. It was amazing to feed them, they took the food so gently from you. I had a musk ox who decided I was a soft touch. He kept up with the bus with his head in my window for a long time. His nose must have been 10 inches wide and his horns were very intimidating but he was very gentle. Also got to feed the giraffes and we had buffalo come onto the bus with us to eat. I was not too thrilled with that.

They had a small enclosed area for the tigers, ligers (cross of tiger and lion),lions, monkeys,bears etc. There was a young llahma that let me hug on her and kiss her, she kissed right back. I measured but she would not fit into the car trunk. There was a very demanding goat with 3 horns who also got feed a lot. He was quite happy to see me and my animal food I had left over.

It was really a fun day, I am ready to go back again, maybe in the fall when it is cooler. Glad we got there early because even with showers, it got very hot and muggy.

Now for a wool report if you are still with me. Remember that carder that I bought? Well I made my first batt and put it up on It is a really pretty color. I mixed two icky strands of roving and added angelina then ran it thru the carder several times. It is a small batt, I can see now why people want electric ones but I am pleased with the results!


Paula said...

Pretty batt! I've got some fiber that someone in Alaska sent me in a swap. The little bit of Angelina in it really makes it special.

I would've petted the musk ox and swiped a little fiber. :)

FiberArtisttoo said...

You wouldn't want that fiber, no amount of washing would have gotten that smell out, ick.