Saturday, June 6, 2009

A while back, I answered a call to make art for auction with the money to be given for research for ovarian cancer. Below is the official information about the raffle. I have several altered ties on the site but you have to scroll thru the site to find them. If you can bid on any of the pieces, it would be really appreciated. If not, then enjoy the artwork and pass this info onto others who might not know about this project.
Let the RAFFLE BEGIN!The Ties That Bind Doll Raffle is now open.It was one year ago that we began this project. Everyone pitched in with their art. Now it's time to pitch in againby donating and spreading the news!Remember this is a tax deductible donation! Give big. Give often.If we can get 500 people to donate $20 over the next 4 months we will raise $10,000.How awesome would that be???????We can do this. If everyone here gets just 6 people to donate $20.....we can go beyond that goal!THAT IS ONLY 6 PEOPLE DONATING PER ARTIST.The latest photos and link information to the raffle can be found on our blog album:http://projecttiest hatbind.blogspot .com/There is a link box there where you can copy the code and place it on your blogs, websites and what evers.Just remember to highlight the code in the box and make sure you highlight to the RIGHT AND DOWN....oryou can easily miss picking up the entire's a little box!!We have until September 30th to raise as much money as possible. On the 30th the non profit organizationwill draw the lucky winner!PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. ADD THE NEW RAFFLE LINK PHOTO BUTTON TO YOUR BLOG/WEBSITE.if you need help with this just email us!!! See the raffle online at: http://www.scrapboo kroyalty. com/tiesthatbind .html

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