Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hot, hot ,hot in Georgia

I have not posted in awhile, work seems to be taking all my energy during the week. Of course the heat doesn't help, it really drains your energy to be outside and my garden is showing the neglect.

My home has been invaded by 5 little boys this weekend. My step-son, a visiting boy up the street , the boy next door with his cousin and a visitor. The front door and my refridgerator are now revolving doors. Thirsty, empty pits, everyone of them. They do play well together, no big fights so far, just an incredible level of noise. Was I ever like that? I was such a tom boy, I was probably worse.

On to the art world, I have my first show next Sunday. It is an afternoon show in a Gallery in downtown Decatur. This is a very nice community and will draw lots of customers I hope. It would be nice to get some commissioned work. The show is called Sundacation and is supposed to be aimed at people who are in town and not on vacation. Keep your fingers crossed for me, my creative muse is taking a summer break it would seem.

Hope everyone is have a good start to their summer!

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