Monday, June 1, 2009

I survived the weekend

Saturday I went to my trailer studio to start dyeing and carding. Started filling up the pots with water and the water turned off. Complete stop, no noise, no air in pipes,no water. My husband was outside cutting the grass so I followed him until I could get his attention. While we were talking, I felt burning on my feet and realized I was standing in a fire ant hill. So I kicked my shoes off, starting slapping my feet and legs as I backed out of the hill. Phil of course thought I must be having some sort of convultion so he got me back into the cool studio. I told him about the water and he said the water pump must have died which will cost at least $1400 to fix. I already need $1000 for an electrician to run new wires that the squirrels have chewed soooo it is not looking good for my studio, at least not until Phil finds a job.

Flash forward to Sunday. It was beautiful outside so I took my photo table and some props up into the edge of my backyard so I would have a nice green backdrop. I brought out 10 items to take pictures of for Etsy. Since I am in the back of the yard where it is shady, I immediately get swarmed by zebra mosquitoes and sweat bees. I am swatting and hopping trying to keep the bugs off of me. Larkin my corgi has knocked over my beer and is happily getting drunk. I am trying to grab him, not drop the camera and swat insects. The crowning touch was when I looked down and saw I was standing in poison ivy. Sure is a good thing I love doing and promoting my art!

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