Thursday, March 5, 2009

just normal stuff

Not much creativitivity here but it is supposed to be in the 70's this weekend so maybe I will be more motivately. I did get one piece to send off to a gallery and have one more to go. Am still waiting to hear bout the show in June. Also saving money for the Kentucky classes this year. With 2 groups of classes and extra classes after the convention, I will need to use up a lot of my annual leave and save up much more money. I did get some birthday money yesterday so that will go towards the shows. It is looking to be a good spring. My attitude is very hopeful. I am taking a felting class at a local shop tomorrow, it is probably going to be a class I could teach but I was hoping to convince the teacher to sell my hand dyed wool, that would really be worth the class and I will probably have fun on top of that! Anyone else doing anything fun?

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