Friday, March 13, 2009

Quiet Friday

I planned to sleep in this morning and then go in to work. I was sleeping and dreaming good things when I felt this sharp pain across my eye. I tried to get out of bed and was totally wrapped up. Turns out Jack the dog decided it was time for breakfast and she got in 3 good scrapes before I could get up. I have nice dog claws across my face, swollen eye and an eye ache if there is such a thing. Didn't make it in to work though I have a thousand things to do, didn't get any felting done either, what a waste of a day.
The good thing that happened today is I got an order from Jill Gully today. It is a lovely bluish,teal prefelt and a bag of throwsters waste in colors that will complement the felt. I think I might have a silk hankie that would work well on it tomorrow. I hope I can make a shawl with it tomorrow. I also have 3 necklaces to repair and 2 to restring and then I can put them on etsy. I swore I would not do jewelry since there is so much out there but I need a few lower priced items. Have felted some soap and it turned out pretty, just need to photo and list it. Life is good, except for my pushy dog.

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